There aren’t too many stoner movies on this green planet, so check out
Freak Out, man!

Freak Out – The movie that will freak you out. Now streaming.

Build a joint and chill with JiffJeff in Freak Out – the funny stoner comedy that shows how a stoner under the influence of our favorite green plant tries to escape from the virtual world that he thinks holds him captive.

Two Stoners as You Love Them.

The stoner movie Freak Out is about 28-year-old JiffJeff, who just wants to live day by day because he is firmly convinced that he lives in a virtual world. His only ambition is to roll weed into a joint, watch movies and play video games. Typical stoner behavior, condemned by his father, who believes that his son is on the verge of psychosis. Therefore his father sent him to the old pigsty. He gives his stoned son a few days to find a job and get his life together, otherwise he’ll be kicked off the farm. JiffJeff doesn’t care where he lives as long as he has enough weed to smoke. When JiffJeff’s parents go away for a weekend trip, he invites his best friend Lucas to visit him. While they both smoke the stuff, JiffJeff reveals his plan to his friend. Lucas shall confirm that the universe – the virtual world, or whatever – is talking to him through a string of lights made in China.

Find out why the string of lights, money, guns, Lucas’ ex-girlfriend Jenny freak them both out and if JiffJeff finds out if we all live in a virtual world already. JiffJeff has got the stuff!

Stream now.

If you’re in the mood to see a good comedy about a weird dude, check out the stoner movie Freak Out. Fun, exciting and now on Prime Video.

Do you like stoner movies too? Freak Out is the best stoner comedy of 2022!

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