The more you find out, the more horrible the truth is.

Presentation video and synopsis.

Two police officers and a video analyst hunt for a serial killer who tortures and kills his victims in complete darkness while filming them with night vision cameras.

NIGHT VISIONS – presentation video first 5 min

Looking for international co-producer. The horror thriller (90 min) will be shot in English, in color and with different camera systems.


“Night Visions” is a crime horror thriller about a serial killer, also called “The Night Vision Killer”, who preys on unsuspecting victims, torturing and killing them in the pitch-black darkness. The killer is known for wearing a night vision mask, which enables him to see his victims clearly in the dark, while they remain unable to see him. He also records his heinous acts on night vision cameras, sending videos of his victims being brutally tortured and killed to the police as a sick taunt.

The case falls into the hands of two detectives, Steven Mangold, an American detective, and Kathrin Bruns, a German detective, who are determined to catch the killer in Germany before he can strike again. Their investigation is further complicated by the fact that the killer appears to be targeting Americans, making it a case of international significance. To aid in their efforts, they are joined by Martin Hartman, a German video specialist and journalist, who assists in decoding the clues hidden in the videos sent by the Night Vision Killer. In exchange for his help, Hartman is allowed to document the investigation with his camera and create his own movie, which we as viewers get to see.

As the team delves deeper into the investigation, they uncover a web of lies, deceit, and corruption that threatens to destroy everything they hold dear. As the team draws closer to identifying the killer, they suddenly find themselves in the crosshairs of the Night Vision Killer himself. The team comes to the realization that they are not just hunting a flesh-and-blood killer, but a ghost.”

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